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F-Secure Antivirus Review

Manufacturer: F-Secure Corporation

Product: Antivirus, Antispyware

Licenses: Up to 3 PCs

Systems: Windows: Windows 7 (SP1), WIndows 8.1, Windows 10. Mac: MacOS 10.13(High Sierra), macOS 10.12 (Sierra), OS X 10.11 (El Capitan). Smartphones and tablets: Android 5.0 or later. iOS 10 or later

Overall Score: 8
F-Secure Anti-Virus 2011



Overall: 8

F-Secure antivirus is a solid product which offers good general protection and usability. We strongly recommend that you install the trial version on all those computers that you are planning to install it on and carefully monitor the impact on their performances. If all goes well, it can be a very rewarding security tool, in terms of protection and education/information.


  • Attractive user interface
  • Cost-effective for multiple computers


  • Heavy on system resources
  • Very slow scan speed

Detection rate: 8

F-Secure Antivirus uses multiple scanning engines specialized in detection and disinfection of different types of malware, for an extra layer of security. In addition to that, the cloud-based Anti-Virus' DeepGuard 2.0 technology does a very good job at detecting fast spreading Internet threats. In all comparative tests F-Secure ends up with a very good detection rate and a very low number of false alarms.

Light on resources: 5

It is certainly not one of the lightest package available on the market. The number of processes and memory required for the real-time scanner shield makes F-Secure antivirus one of the most demanding antiviruses analyzed and would certainly grind to a halt a relatively old computer. Even with newer and well-equipped machines, a "machine freezing" effect can be noticed from time to time.

Ease of Use: 8

Very well organized user interface, which makes the management of this product easy to the vast majority of users. F-Secure antivirus installation process is very simple but can take a relatively long time to complete. The settings can be left to their default values and the tweaking minimized. Particularly commendable the feature of Security News pushed to the desktop. Users willing to spend some time on it will find helpful and up to date information on computer security. The amount of alerts might puzzle and/or irritate some users, though.

Features: 7

  • Protection against viruses, worms, rootkits and other malware
  • Real-time protection against spyware
  • Provides instant protection against new threats (DeepGuard 2.0)
  • Scans e-mail for viruses and malicious code
  • Automatic updates for both virus definitions and the software
  • Security News delivered to your desktop

Scan Speed: 5

One of the slowest on-demand scanners examined, and with the highest CPU processing power requirement observed. Even more important than for others, F-Secure antivirus requires an off-peak full-scan schedule.

Value for money: 9

The feature set is basic but functional with a nice emphasis on computer security education. F-Secure Antivirus 2009 comes at a price in line with the other products, but allows the installation on up to three computers, which would make it a good solution for those who need more than one license, either at home or in a small office.


Supported Platforms

  • Windows Vista (64-bit, 32-bit)
  • Windows XP Home, Windows XP Pro, Windows XP Media Center
  • Windows 2000

Hardware and Software Requirements

Microsoft® Windows® Vista
Processor: Capable of running Microsoft Vista 32-bit and 64-bit: Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Ultimate, Enterprise, and Business editions
Memory requirements: 512 MB
Disk Space: Maximum 600 MB during installation
Browser: Minimum Internet Explorer 5.0
CD-ROM & High speed internet connection
* The system must fulfill Windows Vista minimum requirements as specified by Microsoft

Microsoft® Windows® XP/2000
Windows XP: Home, Professional and Media Center editions
Windows 2000: Professional SP4 or newer
Processor: Intel Pentium III 600 MHz or higher
Memory requirements: 256 MB
Disk Space: Maximum 600 MB during installation
Browser: Minimum Internet Explorer 5.0
CD-ROM & High speed internet connection