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FastAntivirus 2009: a new fake antivirus

FastAntivirus2009 is an adware program that deceives users warning them of non-existing threats in their computers so that they purchase a certain program that removes them from the computer.

Once installed, the program starts scanning the hard disk in search for possible malware. You can see an image at:

Then, it displays a screen with the program interface, with buttons and functions similar to legitimate antivirus programs. (image at:

Furthermore, its aim is to persuade users to activate the false antivirus program, after paying a certain sum of money. When users access Google's main site through the IP address, they are redirected to certain websites from which fake antivirus programs like this can be downloaded.

It prevents many files from being run, which belong to antivirus and security programs, and firewalls, among others, leaving the computer vulnerable against possible malware.

FastAntivirus2009 can be voluntarily downloaded from the website belonging to the company that has developed it.

Additionally, it can also reach the computer when the user accesses certain websites which display banners or pop-up windows which lead to the download of this program. Furthermore, this sample has been distributed through Twitter, as you can see in this post of PandaLabs blog

Source: PandaLabs