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Cybercrime in the news: NYT, Financial Times and CNN report

By Mark Woodford, Computer Security Review

The general level of Internet security is quickly deteriorating as confirmed by the increasing attention of "mainstream" press to the phenomenon.

In the last few days, the New York Times, the Financial Times and CNN have all published very interesting articles on how Internet security issues affect all aspects of our lives, from different perspectives.

On September 14, The New York Times has published a report from the Associated Press: Cyber Criminals Targeting Small Businesses, maintaining that, according to federal authorities, cyber criminals are increasingly targeting small and medium-sized businesses because they don't have the resources to keep updating their computer security.

Small business owners who don't read Computer Security Review regularly, that is, dare we say!

You can read the entire article from The New York Times: Cyber Criminals Targeting Small Businesses

Surprisingly, the day after, the Financial Times publishes an article, Cyber-criminals breaching trusted websites, which addresses the problem of "cyber-criminals  increasingly targeting trusted websites to infect the computers of people viewing those sites, a successful strategy newly illustrated by a high-profile security lapse at a top US newspaper site". Curiosly enough, that top US newspaper site is, you guessed it, The New York Times.

The article goes on, explaining how thousands of visitors during the previous weekend, had experienced the usual attack of rogueware, i.e. fake security alerts appearing on their screens trying to convince the victim, er the visitor, to download and install a useless, if not dangerous security software.

All our readers who have been reading our regular Alerts on Web Security would have recognized the attack and avoided the scam, but not the surprise to see that happening on The New York Times' website.

You can read the entire article from the Financial Times: Cyber-criminals breaching trusted websites

CNN Money today's article Cybercrime: A secret underground economy takes a view on the ramifications of the world of cybercrime, and very tellingly goes to great length to explain how wrong you are if you believe that it's just "geeky" stuff and that "they" wouldn't be interested in targeting any John and Jane Doe.

Every one of us has got an identity, and any identity has got a (rather high) market value in the underground world. And being alive, while preferred is not essential. Strongly recommended reading.

You can read the entire article from CNN Money: Cybercrime: A secret underground economy