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What is Adware?

"Ad-ware" or "advertising-supported software" is any software application in which advertisements are displayed while the program is running. These applications include additional code that displays the ads in pop-up windows or through a bar that appears on a computer screen.

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Is Adware dangerous?

While Adware may be a great concept, the downside is that very often the advertising companies also install additional tracking software on your system, which is continuously "calling home", using your Internet connection and reports statistical data to the "mothership".

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What is Spyware?

Strictly speaking, "spy-ware" is computer software that gathers information about a computer user without the user's knowledge or informed consent, and then transmits this information to an organization that expects to be able to profit from it in some way.

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What is a Trojan?

A Trojan Horse is a particular category of spyware. A Trojan is a program that infects your computer and allows a hacker to take control of your machine behind your back. A Trojan infection can allow total remote access to your computer by a third party.

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How can Spyware end up in my computer?

Spyware is normally installed through either one of two common methods. The first is to hide a spy-ware component within an otherwise apparently useful program. Often, the containing program is made available for download free of charge, so as to encourage wide uptake of the spy-ware component.

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What are the consequences of spyware activity?

Unprotected Windows-based computers, particularly those used by children or credulous adults, can rapidly accumulate a great many spyware components: several hundred individual instances is common. The consequences of a moderate to severe spyware infection (privacy issues aside) generally include a substantial loss of system performance (over 50% in severe cases), and major stability issues (crashes and hangs). Difficulty connecting to the Internet is another common symptom.

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Do I need an anti-spyware?

If you are very careful not to use your computer in any way that could allow your identification or if you don't care about your privacy, you certainly don't need it. Millions of people are using advertising supported spyware products and could not care less about the privacy hype; in fact, some spyware programs are among the most popular downloads on the Internet.

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