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Why do I need to update antivirus software regularly?

The most traditional method used by antivirus software  to assess if a piece of software is suspicious or not, is to compare it against an entire collection of known viruses and check whether it resembles any of those "closely enough".

Consequently, to be effective an antivirus needs:

  1. an efficient "engine" to ensure that normal operations are not affected by its continuos "check";
  2. the collection of known viruses has to contain as many known samples as possible. Failing to do so would make it impossible to detect against a virus different from any other seen before.

It's this need for a constantly up-to-date collection of known viruses to check against,  that makes frequent updates, preferably on a hourly basis, so essential. New viruses and malware are developed continuously and the antivirus vendors develop counter measures to deal with them on day-by-day basis.

Updates can be achieved by automatically connecting to your supplier’s website via the internet and downloading the necessary files. Normally this can be set up to happen automatically.