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How To Keep Children Safe on the Internet: a Quick Guide

Essential guidelines from Panda Security, one of the leading security software companies

Young people are spending more and more time on the Internet; social networks, blogs and chats are just a few of the services used by children in their free time. Meanwhile, many parents are rightfully concerned about the dangers, including contact with strangers, access to inappropriate content and malware.

Panda Security has drawn up a list of practical guidelines to help children avoid these dangers and use the Internet and social networks more safely.

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The 10 Commandments of the Home and Office Computer Security

Step by step guide to improve computer protection in home, office and small business networks using computer security software and... a bit of common sense

What are the most important steps to secure a Microsoft Windows home/office computer? Here is a checklist to increase your overall computer protection. It will make life very difficult for hackers trying to penetrate and control your computer and you will avoid much stress and panic, if and when things go wrong.

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Computer Security Software - Vulnerabilities, the Enemy Within

Why Desktop Vulnerability Assessment is Your Best Weapon in the Coming War Against Botnets

Cyber-criminals would have to find another job, could they not rely on two big "friends". Human nature, with its traits of trusting, credulousness, negligence and curiosity is certainly  the most powerful leverage in any hacker's arsenal. Even in a world of perfect technology, crackers will use human weaknesses  to open otherwise secure doors. Technology is not perfect though and technical "flaws" in software, computers and telecommunication systems offer plenty of opportunities to be exploited. Those technical flaws are what we call "vulnerabilities".

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Security Glossary

It is a mad world out here and new security jargon springs out like mushrooms at a fast pace. How can you keep up with it? Here is a short list of the most used terms you might have heard and should be aware of.

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