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About Us

Computer networks and the Internet have evolved to become digital projections and extensions of our daily life. History tells us that all social organizations have been built on two essential pillars: Trust and Reputation. Each page on this website, whether an editorial, a news flash or a product review refers again and again to those two principles.

Computer Security Review is the result of years of experience of IT professionals who switched from corporate environments to supporting small and medium businesses in London, UK. In the process, a sizable amount of psychological notes about typical "office user" behavior has piled up and we try to divulge what we learn every day through Computer Security Review.

We are passionate about providing the knowledge and tools to computer users who can't delegate their home, office or small business computer security to large IT departments.

Knowledge is the compass any user can rely on to find their way in the quest for information through the treacherous jungle of the Internet. That's why our first objective is to "translate" the security jargon of corporate IT into plain English, easy to understand and follow up.

Trust and Reputation go hand in hand with Transparency, too. Almost all the products we review or simply show their banners are products that we have been using or had hands-on experience with. When possible we create sales relationships with all manufacturers. We believe this to be healthy, because it allows us to maintain our editorial independence and to pass special offers to our readers, when available.

Last but not least, if you go to our Contact page you will notice that we don't provide a telephone number to contact us. While in general this could be considered "shady" at best, in our case it boils down to hard business decision. Computer Security Review's staff wouldn't be able to provide that level of service to our readers, while having to support our normal clients.

Yet, we believe that only constant contact with real users can improve our expertise. That's why we encourage our visitors to ask questions, or drop comments, either publicly on each page or privately by using the Contact form.

Ultimately, it's a networked world and we can all learn from each other.