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If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.

Sun Tzu,
The Art of War

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Reviews of the top security software and tips on tools to restore and maintain top performances on your computer.

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Answers, tips and reviews of the best Internet security software for home users and small businesses protection

You know that something is wrong with your computer, but you are not a "geek". It's really slow and strange windows appear on your screen all the time.

You have been hearing stories about identity theft on the Internet, but you don't know what is all about. It's all very worrying because: a) you find yourself spending more time swearing at the screen than working; b) you don't know how safe your documents and accounts are.

This site contains answers in layman's English, to some of the basic questions about computer security. Our ambition is to explain in simple terms what type of dangers a non-techie home/office or small business user, like yourself, is exposed to when connected to the Internet and what you can do to prevent serious problems to your computer and to your business.

The best place to start from is the 10 Commandments of the Home and Office Computer Security, our complete, step-by-step guide to securing your computers.

To find out the most suitable solutions for your protection, jump to our Antivirus Reviews. There you will find hands-on Internet security software reviews and recommendations on what to buy, why and how to use it.

Go through the questions and answers in the FAQs section, divided into categories and if you have a specific question, that has not been addressed, please contact us using the form in the Contact page.

In the Articles section, we maintain a collection of selected articles, which can either provide further explanations of various Internet threats, or general guidelines about the do's and don'ts of computer security in home/office and small business networks.




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